Making a Popular Concept Your Own

I recently worked with a team of juniors to provide a recommendation paper for our client, The GC Strip.

We decided to draw our inspiration from social media accounts such as The Bali Bible and Humans of New York. My team wanted to recommend that The GC Strip forms social media communities for each suburb (or in their term ‘hood’) and within this, promote different restaurants, café’s, events, local heroes and so on.

The first video was made to be an example for what The GC Strip could do to promote these different topics within Burleigh Heads. The video ‘Burleigh Hill’ included the use of the #TheBurleighHood- check it out below.


The main reason I am writing about this task is that I wanted to know what other idea’s people have unintentionally gone viral and are now used within marketing.

We see @Muradosmann and @YourLeo travelling the world, Chloe Morello using social media to tutor girls on makeup and skincare and PewDiePie endorsing video games and all of these people are getting paid because of the amount of followers they have gained through their social media accounts.

So, what other trends have you seen go viral and as a result you’ve seen people getting paid for…