Facebook Got Me Fired!

 No, I didn’t get fired because of Facebook, but many people have been.


13 crew from Virgin Atlantic cabin crew were fired in 2008 after they posted messages on Facebook naming passengers as “chavs” and claiming that the aeroplanes were full of cockroaches.

Virgin Atlantic released a statement saying that the 13 members who participated in this online conversation would be leaving the company after failing to adhere to the companies social media policy….Ooops


Similarly, two Dominos employees in the United States were fired after posting a video on YouTube of them doing disgusting things to the food they were preparing.

Michael and Kristy, left, and an example of their antics, right.

This video turned into an international crisis for Dominos and after firing the employees and releasing a public apology the franchise store still had to close from the lack of business.

Lesson learned: Don’t post inappropriate jokes on social media…duh!!


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