Using YouTube To Land Your Dream Job

I am always impressed when I see people using technology to change “the way it has always been” and lately, the use of YouTube to apply for a job has caught my attention.

A ‘YouTubeume’ is a video resume that allows an applicant to sum up their resume and sell their skills and qualifications (Penfold, 2012).

Not only is a YouTubeume an opportunity to amaze the potential employer, but it also provides you with the means to show your personality and your ability (or the lack thereof) to communicate within a 1-3 minute video.


Applying for a job with a YouTubeume will stand out to employers who are sorting through a pile of paper applications and will most likely land you an interview.

Image I recently created a YouTube video for an assignment where I was applying for a job at Lorna Jane. I embedded the video on my website (which was the resume) and the video was essentially the cover letter.

My only concern is that the novelty and excitement that YouTubeme’s bring will fade as more people use it as a tool for applying for jobs.


Penfold, D. (2012). The Social Resume: ‘Twesumes’ and More. Meetings & Conventions, 47 (12), 26-26. Retrieved from 


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