The ‘B’ word

I want to establish something about blogs before you begin reading this post…

Not all blogs are full of deep thought or have been written by someone listening to an Evanescence song.


Yes, previously this is what I thought the blog world was full of. However, in the past few months I have discovered that blog sites like Tumblr (full of teenage “misfits”) are a bad example of blogging.

In fact, studies have shown that blogging “enhances the frequency and intensity of knowledge conceptualization, fosters reflective learning and knowledge generation through social interaction” (Sun 2010).


But I don’t feel like reposting many seductive photos of girls with tattoos and bright red hair is very educational or reflective. So where does this education through blogging take place?

Well, let me introduce to you, Tiffany!



She is a mother, a fantastic cookbook author and savy food blogger of which has taught me (nearly) everything I need to know about affordable #cleaneating through her blog; The Gracious Pantry.



She allows her readers inside her life as a #cleaneating Mum and frequently engages with others through conversations on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, often posting photos of her unbelievably good looking, healthy food.



Blogs like hers don’t seem like blogs, they seem like websites that are conversational, but I guess essentially that’s what Blogs are; a conversation or a means of social interaction. Anyways, for now…join me in drawling over these foods she has created.






Sun, Y.C. (2010). Developing reflective cyber communities in the blogosphere: a case study in Taiwan higher education. Teaching in Higher Education, 15 (4), 369-381. doi: 10.1080/13562510903556075